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 AJAX workshop


I once created this site showing my professional profile when I was looking for a new regular employment. However, since 2004 I have been working as a freelancer and am looking forward to interesting short- and long-term projects in the world of

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
Information Retrieval / Electronic Archiving
Thank you for your interest.
Addendum: Many years ago I have become a dependent employee again and since have not had the time to update this website.
 Technical stuff about this site:
There is both an English as well as a German version of each page.
Right now, my CV in the PDF format is still missing, though.
I passed the check on both the "XHTML 1.0 Transitional"-validator
and the "CSS 2"-validator.
It has always been my intention to create browser-independent pages.
This site works in all modern browsers.
I furthermore aimed at creating this site accessible according to the WAI criteria. I used the software A-Prompt to evaluate for conformity level A (priority 1).
For any future activity I will keep these criteria in mind and I will also try to make them palatable to clients or employers.
Of course, I have also used the Photoshop plugin from Vischeck in order to check whether the information on my site is also accessible to colourblind people.
 Why is here so much water?
Water is my element. I literally grew up in the water and did competitive sport in my childhood. I have recently restarted my training in order to stay fit.
I love water and the colour blue and I very much enjoyed using these elements when designing this site.
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